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is creating cartoons about math, science, and engineering
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About Alex Hallden-Abberton

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I'm Alex Hallden-Abberton, and I create the animated webseries Animus Anthem, a show dedicated to sharing everything I've learned about math, science, and engineering. The series is intended to be comprehensive, meaning that you can start at the beginning with no former training or knowledge in any of those three fields. It's also intended to be entertaining, meaning that you can start at the beginning with no former love or appreciation for any of those three fields, either! No offense to my old professors, but the day I share stories in the dry, joyless monotone of an emotionally-deadened university lecturer is the day I'll eat my fingerless gloves.

If you're not familiar with my work, you can check out my website at The ultimate goal is to give all of my viewers the same education that I've had, minus the student loans, final exams, and four years of stolen youth. Once I eventually offload the entire contents of my brain to the internet, I'll continue with uploading videos of new things that I'm learning, since I doubt that the universe will run out of interesting things to learn within my lifetime. I figure that's as good a plan as any for serialization.
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