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thank you for every moment of your time. Hasn't been that long since My husband and I went through a family accident. We had 3 beautiful children till last year my grandmother called me and said she wanted to pick up my two daughters and son. A drunk driver side ram my grandmother van. We were Lost, we didn't understand. We went to church, we talked about Jesus Christ and my children knew exactly who he was. My kids were well behaved and loved. Time pass and we learn to understand and keep Faith. Something that we thought was impossible. We cry when we eat, we cry when we see movie's that reminds us of them. No holiday will ever be the same. Not long after we heard of aauplifting spirit channel. We tune in and listen to the words of wisdom. You became our brother now. We can finally be happy again and smile on camera, but now we facing a other threat. My husband has gotten laid off from work and I been at home keeping everything in order. Now we are getting envicted from our apartment. Land lord has been nice to give us till the 11th of this month May. The only family we have now to help us is 17 hour's away from where we live. Things are getting heavy again. I just ask for your prayers please. Please tell everyone to keep us on their prayers. I'll do the same. Thanks, we really appreciate your time and help. May father God bless us all.

update: we been bless with good jobs and living in a motel till we gather enough money to get a house or apartment. Thank you all.
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We want to buy our home so we can start working more on our recovering. Peaceful life is a bit of a goal plus getting to know everyone to exchange conversation and a course growth
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