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is creating Spotlight On Women Radio / Spotlight On Women Podcast

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Thank you for joining me on this journey to bring women's voices to the world! 

Spotlight On Women Radio seeks to take quality, inspiring and "Kosher" content that you and your your teenage daughters will want to listen to too! 

Hi! My name is Annie Orenstein:-)
Over the past 12 years, I have been producing shows for women in the arts here in Israel, and have come to know amazing and inspiring women who write and create music with inspiring messages. These universal messages of empowerment and strength deserve to be heard and appreciated with women around the world!

This is a refreshing new platform for Jewish Women Artists to have their voice/ music/ messages be heard and loved. Hence the name, Spotlight On Women!
On each show, I invite on a performer to share her 3 P's.
Personal Stories & Discovery
Professional Journey & Development
Promotional/ Events Coming up

Throughout the interview, listen to original music by the musician and/or music that inspired the performing artist to do what she does.

Each show helps us to get to know the artist, and gives us an inside peek into the wonderful lives of women pursuing their dreams.
This platform is a crucial one for artists whom perform predominantly for women only audiences to be heard all over the world, and can create for them opportunities to get hired for shows and events.

Some shows are dedicated to loved ones, in memory of loved ones.
And I am happy to take requests of course if you'd like to suggest a song in honor or memory of a loved one!

Spotlight On Women Radio (launched in November 2017) is a weekly show broadcast every Tuesday between 11am-12pm on 106Fm on Kol Adumim Radio out of the Matnas in Maaleh Adumim, Israel and is sponsored by Kan Broadcasting Company.
Artists registered with ACUM can be paid royalties for having their works heard on the show.
The shows are also aired live on my FB feed, taped and edited to be uploaded and shared with the world via 

I already have some great shows uploaded, and some great shows in the works before I go out on the road this summer!

As I get started on the next season of shows, I have decided to open up my inspiration and passion with you my valuable listeners, friends, believers in me, and those that identify with the very dream I am trying to fulfill.

Your support would help me get the word out about the show, to market and build listener-ship. 
The show needs to be edited and produced and yes, i jumped right in the deep end and need you!

So please join me so we can take women's voices to the world
Women's empowerment on the radio is happening now on Spotlight On Women Radio!

Thank you to all the incredible women who are writing and producing and inspiring and singing. 
Love you Ladies!

Be part of our community on Facebook, and of course,  help incredible artists get into the Spotlight!
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When I reach $1000 per month, I will be able to produce 4 Spotlight On Women Radio Podcasts/ Shareable versions of the show!
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