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See my sketches and behind the scenes inspiration for my artwork, my thought processes and so on. This is a personal look into my creative process that supports my artwork. 

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With Venus you get all the bonuses of  the Mercury teir but we get personal. I talk about what inspires me, I look to you guys for ideas and we develop an interactive relationship through live streams. I want to knnow what you think and want to be inspired by you. Plus you get;

· 10% off any artwork on my site with a special code, to be used once. 

 · I also share artistic and spiritual insights and tips for those who are interested.

 · Surprise tarot and astrology readings come up every now and then, as  well as esoteric live chats!

About Anoushka K Art

My name is Anoushka. For the most part, I am a self-taught artist. As long as I can recall I have always drawn, painted and been deeply creative. My other life-long passions have been esotericism and spirituality. These two things, that I see as highly entwined, have influenced my thinking, my direction and my art.

I studied astrology officially at 26 and am well read in various spiritual and esoteric teachings. I think at the core of my inspiration is a reverence for the human journey and life on Earth. I see life’s expression as complex and yet its essence as simple. The archetypes I find in books such as Homer’s “The Odyssey” and Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”, inspire me further to create in imagery, the depth, the hope and the beauty that the human experience encapsulates. So, this and my love for nature and the intimate/powerful moments with self, are the things that inspire me.

I love colour, I love powerful imagery, I love to say something that the conscious mind does not necessarily understand but the subconscious connects with and creativity is my chosen way to do this. Art for me is my tool of self-discovery and along with my astrology, it connects me with the common threads of transformation, struggle, beauty and darkness that we all experience on one level or another. It gives me what words cannot and hopefully connects with those for whom it’s meant.

A huge thank you to all of you who support me and allow me keep folloing my passion and sharing it with you!

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I have always wanted....

To do an interview based podcast, interviewing some of my most interesting friends and people I know and hopefully growing it from there. I know so many creatives, inspirational people and souls with a story to tell and would love to share their perspective with you guys. 

I'm thinking, humor, inspiration and out of the box conversations. I would love to get this going and once I reach this goal, the funda and the time will allow me the time to put into this! What do you guys think? I recon it could be fun :)
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