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Within this tier, you will get the following for each piece:

∎ Original Photoshop Document 

∎ Real-time recording of my editing

∎ Any custom assets or brushes used  

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In this you'll get everything from the $3 tier, plus:

∎ Access to my Ansen Discord Server!

Here you can send some photos of what you're working on and I will be able to help give some critiques or direction to that piece!  

This is a good Tier if you tend to have random questions on how to do something or just needing advice on what to do next!



About Ansen Photos

Hey all! I'm a conceptual photographer based out of Portland, Oregon! 

I have this Patreon in hopes to show my supporters and fans a little more insight to my editing processes, behind the scenes of my photoshoots, as well as retouching and photography tips/advice. 

Thank you! 

P.S. I will also start uploading Photoshop documents of some of my earlier works where you can get them over on my Gumroad page! There's no videos or other goodies that will come with them, just the barebones document. If that interests you, head on over there!

Have any questions? Shoot me an email!
[email protected]

10 of 100 patrons
Reaching 100 patrons would be a huge milestone for me! 

Additionally, it would show the demand is there and inspire me to pump out some more work for you guys! If I can reach this goal, I'm going to spend time to make more in-depth videos explaining more about my 3D process, as well as possibly doing two reward releases a month. 

Only with your support and love can we make this happen! Thank you!
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