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I love you! I wish to bring something new and creative into the world and you're helping me doing it. You get my eternal gratitude for your support, in addition to a yearly PDF document including all Jimzine comics published this year, plus some free bonus content!
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I adore you! In addition to my eternal gratitude and the yearly Jimzine PDF, you will also get a unique hand-made Jim birthday card every year!
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You are my world! In addition to my eternal gratitude, a yearly Jimzine PDF and a unique hand-made Jim birthday card every year, you will also get one personnalized Jim Story Deluxe to decorate your life!




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I'm a comic book writer and a boardgame designer and editor from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As I have way too many worlds in my head and clearly not enough time to create them all, I started this Patreon page to ask for your support. My ultimate goal is to offer my best comics and  games to the world and, with your help, now it's possible!

Share the joy of Art by supporting the birth and growth of my newest webcomic -The Jimzine- on Patreon. You'll contribute to a weekly distribution of free laughs, as well as a plethora of creative side projects. In other words, you'll make the world better! By pledging any weekly amount, you get access to some exclusive Patrons-only content (like unique birthday cards!) and you contribute in making the Jimzine a reality. Also, you may limit, reduce or cancel your pledge at any time. The toothpaste shall be taken from the tube at the end of each month.

I will release a new Jimzine comic every week or so
and with your support, this ongoing laugh-o-mania will allow me to continue my work and publish various comics and boardgames over the years. Visit the Creations tab on top of this page to see all previously released Jimzine comics.

This project is gloriously satyrical and definitely not politically correct, but my portfolio also includes evil accountants, sentient mold, ninja woodcutters and all kinds of non-satyrical things.

I work both in French and English.

$32 of $100 per Jimzine
As soon as I reach this goal, I will create a separate webpage to host The Jimzine. Presentation will be better and I may publish some more free content every week. The Jimzine will then be a full-fledged webcomic and will also include guest appearances from other artists.
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