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The Decent Sort
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A warm, fuzzy feeling.
Not just because you tossed me a dollar, but because you are a genuinely fantastic and beautiful lady.
Unless you are a man.
Then you aren't a beautiful lady.

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My voice.
Saying any twenty seconds of G rated material you like.
On your computer. (make sure to message me).
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A permanent place of honour at the end of any and all of my longer videos that normally require credits.




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About Antony Cannon

Hi there!
I'm Antony and I create performance art videos, typically out of reviews, but hopefully in the future consisting of original ideas too.
This Patreon account is for people who love that special something that comes with a well crafted film or piece of music - That Hollywood panache and charm. -Spielberg stuff! (if I can get away with it)
If you're anything like me and want to be a part of it, welcome!
Let's make some magic.
$124 of $860 per Video
This is a livable wage.
If I can make this goal at one video per month, I'm set.
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