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is creating Videos of my experiences as I have an amputation
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The NHS isn't brilliant but its a start. I'm an athletic person and i want to run around with my kids and compete in sports (Olympics maybe? lol).

Limbs are very expensive and i need help funding one.

It would be amazing to gain supports and help.

pledge and you'll be first to see my content and maybe some stupid out takes, and also one of my red "Take It East" t-shirts to show off that your in my T.I.E gang.

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As you may know limbs are not cheap and i will need and appreciate all the help i can get. I want to get back in to sports and run around with my kids. 

I not only want yo make myself and my family proud but also my supporters YOU!!

This tier you'll get to see my content first, also see footage of me in my physio and learning to walk and at sports events first. But also you'll get one of my red "Take It East" hoodies to show off that you in my T.I.E gang. 

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As you know limbs are not cheap and nor is living and doing sports and activities, i want to make myself my family and you my supporters proud by getting up, competing in sports and running around with my kids. 

this tier you'll get all my content first, also footage of me in my physio and learning to walk again and all sporting events first.

you will also get one of my red "Take It Easy" t-shirts hoodie and a hat to show off your in my T.I.E gang.




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About Antony without an h

I’ve had a pretty packed life. I’m only 30, but I’ve had a life threatening illness, I’ve had over 10 corrective operations on my legs, I’ve joined the army (discharged from the army), I’ve started a family, and now I’m going through my toughest challenge... an amputation. 
This amputation is my right leg. So now you can follow me as I go In to the unknown and see what it is like. From the op to learning to walk, looking at new legs (finding out I can’t afford a new leg) to getting in to sport.
 I’m Antony without an H lets do this together.
$0 of $800 per month
I wish to compete in wheel chair sprint in the very near future.This amount is how much i can get a second hand sprint chair to get me started. 
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