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Good mettle requires good fuel. a single dollar seems insignificant, but put little bits of coals together and the heat will get up there.  You also get credited at the end of every main videos, because you're plain hot stuff and you leave a mark.
Red Hot Chili Embers Plus
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Like the 1$ version, but it's for those who want a choice between 1$ and 5$ (thanks mom).

Plus, a patreon Discord chatroom. 

Includes Discord benefits
White hot steel frames
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Thus hotness is scolding hot. Now, you get credited at the end of every main videos, but bigger! And y'all get a perfect block from Dante himself. Imma have to make them outros now, no more excuses!
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Being a fan of indie games and a master of somewhat obscure game series (devil may cry, monster hunter, X-COM, etc.) Is nice and dandy, but it ain't the best at getting known out there. Doing what I want (and obviously what you want) is important to me. As such, I need your help.

I cherish all the help and support I get, but maybe you want to be a part of project and help me. Or maybe you want to boss me around, which also helps. I am not an organized person and tend to start 20 projects at the same time, and any help at straightening this wild ride will be helpful. 

Don't be shy at suggesting things, I consider everything you send my way.
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20 people's a busy car ride. It's okay, at least the music is good.

Might as well do a silly vodly thingy just to say hi.
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