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About Aoina

Hello there! I’m Aoina, former EMT/Firefighter turned livestreamer, bit of a jack of all trades. I love streaming and sharing that experience with others, from wacky game glitches to emotional stories with the occasional personal art sprinkled in. If you’re here, hopefully you want to see more of that – because it’s what you’re gonna get!

Or dogs. Probably dogs. I love my dogs and they take great pictures so yeah, let’s go with dog pics and story time of whatever may be going on. From marathon training to studies or the general weird that follows me like a cloud.

If any of that caught your eye, consider joining our patreon crew!
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A Little Pickle
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One of the crew, someone showing their support and happy to help in whatever way they can! Thank you so much.



  • Directed Creative Streams: Vote for what to draw next on certain creative streams.
  • Game Votes: Vote for what games we play, as suggested by our 'Jarring Amount of Support' patreons.
Kind of a Big Dill
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Thank you so much for this support! Have some extra rewards, like vlogs and a custom discord role!

  • Two+ Exclusive VLogs every month! Dog videos? Puns? Rambles? Other behind the scenes things? Who knows!
  • Patreon Discord Role: Gain access to the sub only section of Discord and you can embed images/gifs anywhere! 
  • All previous rewards. 
Includes Discord rewards
A Jarring Amount of Support
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You get to suggest a game we play during the month that all patreons vote on!

  • Suggest a Game to Stream: Have a game you've been dying to see streamed? You get to add your suggestion to the monthly patreon vote.* 
  • All previous rewards. 

 *Games have to be appropriate for the stream.  

I Relish You
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Was there some kind of mistake? No? You're just this amazing? WELL THEN! Thank you! You're a fantastic person and should be told that  daily. Since I won't be there to do so, look in the mirror, right now, and tell yourself. You're amazing. Because you are.

  • Chat Currency Multiplier so you earn morale faster and can spend it in fun chat games. 
  • Custom Bot Command to be used in Twitch chat at your leisure! This can be a sound effect, a greeter message, you get the idea.*
  • All previous rewards. 

 *SFX will be limited to 5 seconds or less.  

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Cosplay stream, cosplay stream! Let's work on a cosplay together on stream! (Sing that in a jazzy tune for maximum fun.)
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