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Thank you for you support! As a patreon, you'll part of my journey and part of my trust, you'll follow me throught my patreon private activity, newsfeed activity and i 'll share with you my work in progress songs that i've never shared before so that it won't be anywhere else on the web exept on patreon with you. 
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Than you for your support ! At this level of patreonizing You'll get all the lower tier rewards plus  yo will be more involved in the creativ process of making  a song from start to finish so i'll sure give attention to your  feedback and your advices about my music .

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Thank you for your support !  You'll get all the lower tier rewards plus email talk once per month! You'll make me take a faster step forward into realeasing music and putting me a good pressure into providing quality in both sounds and image! For that,  i'll need your ears and eyes to choose which song to remix first as well choosing pictures for my artistic public profil and futur album (hopefully :), and moreover i'll share with ou my storyboard and the story behind each song. You'll be part of each creativ step that i'll make !




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Bonjour everyone, i'm Aorsa, singer-songwriter making music.  I hope you can  feel what i feel when composing my music as emotion is my main fuel. Most of my songs talk about being free of what holds you back from being truly yourself, accepting that strong part of animal within each one of us  and  being simply  but amazingly fully alive.

I hope you'll want to join me on my journey and let it  become yours throught my songs and what i will share with you.

I'm planning to post one creation per month, i've never shared my songs before so it will be a very private and exclusive content here on patreon.

I'm making my way through music assisted by computer and getting to know better ableton which i use for recording and arranging my music. My goal is  to work on my songs,  collaborate with musician, and eventually having them mixed and produced by a pro, so that each song's artitistic potential can be fully exploited to get the 100% of pure emotions! I am gratefull to each one of you willing to help me releasing my art.
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