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About Age of the Ring Team

Hello there!
We're the Age of the Ring modding team. We create mods for the BFME game series to try and keep the game fresh and alive. We're the team behind Age of the Ring, a mod for RotWK, Shadow and Flame, a mod for BFME1, all three HD Editions, and as admins and players on T3A:Online, a community-run server to play BFME multiplayer. We occasionally stream, also.

Why Support Us?
Support us if you like our work, basically. Let's not beat around the bush: what we do takes time, and life isn't cheap. We've invested and continue to invest a lot of time into keeping these games supplied with new content, and receiving monetary support makes this investment easier to justify. We have a lot of passion for what we do, but sadly, passion doesn't put food on the table!

We can't charge people money for what we create, nor do we want to. We want everyone to have free access to our mods and projects, but we also want people to be able to support us if they so choose. 

What Do We Do With The Money?
We use Patron pledges as an emergency fund for team members. Computers break and licenses run out, after all. If any of us have sudden costs that affect the development of our projects, that's what the money is for. Should we start earning more than we need to cover these expenses, we will start using it to commission voice actors.

What Do You Get?
We don't want to exclude anybody from getting cool rewards based on their ability to spend, or make things about AotR exclusive in any way. Due to real life time constraints, it's also difficult for us to provide extra content when we are already squeezing hours from our schedules to work on AotR. Therefore we've decided to not have a reward system - the reward is supporting us and knowing that you help us out as we continue to work on Age of the Ring and other projects.

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