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About Team ApexEmu

ApexEmu is an work-in-progress Gameboy (soon, multi-system) retro-game emulator. Working on ApexEmu is not only very exciting and our passion, but is also extremely time-consuming and that's why we need your support!

Goals that make ApexEmu unique:
  • Cycle Accurate Emulation.The emulator must have the exact same state every clock cycle as real hardware. No exceptions!
  • No Game-Specific Patches. Games must run exactly as they would on read hardware, no tweaks or work-arounds. (This does not include user mods)
  • No BIOS Required. The emulator must be accurate enough to pass hardware specific testing and reproduce the same results as the real system without needing a supplied BIOS.
  • Most Accurite/Best Quality. There shouldn't be pages of advanced configuration that has to be set per game. The user should only have to select "accurate" (hardware matched output) or "enhanced" for RGB output and enhanced sprites, textures and polygons. 
  • No Configuration Required. The emulator should be able to run software without the need to supply extra files, folders and configuration files.
  • Hardware Specific Emulation. Every system has many variations each behaving slightly-to-greatly different and the emulator should support these board-specific differences.

What the patrons get in exchange:
  • An ability to affect the development of the emulation platform. Priorities of some tasks can be adjusted according to your wishes such as system and board priorities.
  • A very sincere thank you for your support!
  • Finally, an up-to-date emulator with increasing compatibility.

Note: ApexEmu is not created with the intent of enabling illegal activity. ApexEmu is not responsible for / will never, supply roms, isos, a bios or any other copyrighted hardware or software. ApexEmu is a piece of software that "emulates" the behavior of other systems.
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With your support, we will be able to purchase needed retro hardware for research, development and testing. This will allow us to verify the emulator with real hardware to find any possible imperfections.
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