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I will love you forever and forever thankful

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So every month I will be giving away some Anime Merch / Figurines that I have to one of my Patrons. For this reward tier, you will be entered into a drawing for the giveaway, and if you are chosen, i'll ship it to you wherever you are in the world. I will cover shipping costs.

So be sure to keep an eye out on the feed to see what Anime Item I will be giving away that month.

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For this tier you will have access to all the scripts that I've written and also any ideas that I will be doing or scrapped.

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Hi my name is Wayne or also known as Apheliotes.

I decided to quit my corporate job to focus on my youtube career.
Yes i know it sounds silly as anyone would wonder why would you quit a nice comfy job for a very unstable one.

Well the honest answer is that I love making videos. It has always been a passion of mines and now I want to fulfill that passion and do what I love. I am hoping to make this my full time job because I just love doing this. If i can raise around $3000/month then I can make my dream into a reality. If not then i'll have to return back to my daily 9-5 corporate job after about a year when my savings run out.

Hopefully you all can make this a reality.

I have many goals in life and a bunch of ideas that I want to make happen. I would love to make extremely high quality videos and also work on big projects that can please all of you. Any money earned from this patreon does not go towards any living costs but instead will be reinvested back into this career to make bigger and better content.

So if you want to support me on this incredible journey that I am doing then I will be forever thankful and grateful to you. 
If not then I just wanted to say thanks for your time on reading this page.
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