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Thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page!  The first chapter of my action-adventure webcomic, JUNK!!!, is currently in production, and it will be the main thing I will be producing for your enjoyment!  I am also still designing major characters, so you may see some of these early designs here, as well.  I will post updates as they occur, though certain posts will be reserved for Snowy Owl members and higher!  Any donation really goes a long way to helping me achieve my dream, and the more money I raise, the more time I can devote to working on JUNK!!!, and the quicker I can release chapters.

Currently, there is no release schedule for chapters, and I intend to keep it that way for the lifetime of the comic.  I'd rather have slightly irregular releases and longer waits between chapters to ensure the quality is of a high standard, though once the first chapter is released, I'd like to get one chapter released every two to three months if possible.  I think that's doable with my current schedule, and I will make a post here should anything change affecting that release schedule.  My best guess of when the first chapter will be released would be sometime between April and May, so donating to me here will get you access to all my behind-the-scenes posts as I'm creating these initial chapters!  Hopefully once the first few are made, the following chapters will be finished in a more timely fashion.

As for the "Bird of Paradise" tier, I will absolutely draw you in the style of JUNK!!!, and I will do my best to fit your character into the background whenever possible, though I will never compromise the story or quality of the comic to put you in the background.  To that end, I can make no promises that you will for sure appear in any of the comic, and I hope you will understand that when you sign up for this tier.  To repeat: I cannot promise that you will appear as a background character, but I will do my best to fit you in the background when it does not compromise the story or quality of the comic.

As for the other projects I'm currently working on, I have a trading card game currently in development.  I do not believe it will be ready for publishing for at least another year, though I have finished most of the rules and mechanics, and I am currently working on creating the actual cards and strategies for the base set.  I do not know how much of that I will post here as I am unfamiliar with how copyright works for trading card games, so don't expect to see much of that content here yet.

Thank you for considering donating!  Every little bit helps!  And I very much hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of Diggory and his companions in JUNK!!!

You can view all of my portfolio work on my website
Send me an email at [email protected] with any business requests, questions, comments, or concerns
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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