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is creating Duct-Lings and Duct Tape Accessories
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About Katie Reckamp

Hello and Welcome. My name is Katie and I work with duct tape!
Duct-lings are my store mascots and accessories are my store specialty. 
My personal favorite things to make are wallets and purses. I use a simple sturdy design and adorn with freehand cut out designs. You'll also see bracelets, pens, ties, and occasionally top hats at my booth as well. For the last four years, I've crafted hundreds of duct tape accessories for sale at conventions.  Conventions have been kind to me, but it gets a little slow between conventions.
I'm bringing my work to Patreon to give you a reason to support me in between conventions!  I'll earn your support here.  On top of regular Facebook updates (available on facebook and in your Patreon feed), you'll also get exclusive content, personalized thank you photos, and special surprises!  Have a look at my milestones and rewards for more details.
If my work has ever made you smile, consider contributing to my Patreon campaign.  Click on the big orange, "Become a Patron" button!  You can help keep me going.
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Before this goal is met, I post on average 5 days a week.  If this goal is met, I will post a new photo every day (7 days a week) no later than 12 noon eastern standard time.  Photos updates can include: new product photos, work in progress photos, duct tape comic strips, or booth close ups!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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