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is creating Video Reviews and Writing Fanfics.
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Thank you. For your support, I'll give you your requested fandub song. Just leave me a comment and it'll be done. ^_^
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For your support, I'll try my best and draw your OC or Ponysona on my DeviantART page. Tell me what you think.




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About Apple Frost

Hello there.
Nice to meet you all.
I'm Apple Frost, new MLP analyst, n00b fan-dub voice actress and singer, and fanfic writer.
I've been doing fandubs for over 5 years, on Youtube, and I wish to improve on my fanfictions.
Such as MLP: FIM reviews, and state my own opinion about them. 
If you wish to see me rant about, or review something that interests you, let me know in your comments or support me.
I promise that you will not be disappointed.
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I wish to finish college and head on to University, so I could achieve my dream of being a professional game designer, voice actress, or animator.
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