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About April Daniels

Hello! I am April Daniels, the author of the Nemesis trilogy, which currently comprises of Dreadnought and its sequel Sovereign. The books are about a trans girl who is a superhero. My goal with my writing is to create the sort of fiction I wish I'd had access to as a kid. Growing up, I never saw any depictions of trans women that wasn't about us being pathetic victims who should have seen it coming, or vile, invasive monsters who deserve immediate death. I never saw anything that let a "boy" become the girl she wanted to be. Any story about troubling gender always treated it as a bad thing, a threat or problem to be neutralized. I don't think I ever saw or read a story that said you can just...be a girl, and that's fine.

Non-patronizing fiction about transgender women is so important because for many of us, there are no depictions of ourselves in the media other than as victims or monsters. So I write books about transgender superheroes.

This Patreon will support me in this effort. My health has not been good recently, and has forced me onto medical leave. Additionally, my medical issues have made it difficult for me to write--a situation exacerbated by the stress of having no income for now, aside from the occasional royalty check.

Your assistance will directly contribute to my recovery process, as well as giving me the stability I need to continue working. Right now it's bare bones, but it's going to grow. I've got big plans, and you, my generous patrons, will be right at the center of deciding how this thing develops. 

To start with, you'll be first in line to hear any new announcements, and there are things in the works that you'll be excited to hear if you like my previous work. I'm also going to experiment with a private Discord server for Patrons.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts