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When we tune in to the cycles of the cosmos, we gain perspective and learn how to dance in time with magic. This level includes:

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Learning astrology is not just about charts, it's about making a choice to face ourselves - our fears, loves, strengths and weaknesses. This level includes:

*All incentives from the previous levels PLUS a recording of the Full Moon call if you can't make it live 

*Six  astro-focused webinars  per year about specific topics in astrology (i.e. The Outer Planets or a current astrological transit) - most will be live events, some will be recorded podcast style; all will be available as recordings that you can listen to later.

*Access to my "secret", personal writings about my own journey with astrology

*25% off all online courses that I offer

*All incentives from the previous levels




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Hi! I’m Amanda. You can see my original Patreon video, which explains a bit about my background, here:

The bio I use on other sites says something like: “Amanda is an astrologer, soul worker and paradigm buster based in Seattle. Her adventures in these forms of ‘practical woo’ are geared towards helping people to heal themselves and the world. She is an anarchistic(ally) non-monogamous witchy type who prefers to avoid labels but admits to being an introvert. Most of the time.”

March 2019 marks my two year anniversary on Patreon. This platform has done so much more than just give me some form of predictable income. It’s allowed me to create a whole system of astro-learning that supports people in their quest for personal growth in ways that are accessible and consistent. Although I will always welcome folks who contribute just because they want to support me, being able to offer my clients something that helps them learn about themselves has been such a blessing.

For the past ten years I have been focusing on understanding what it means to be living in a time of such incredible change. The work I do is geared towards helping people deal with deep emotions such as grief, overwhelm and anger, as well as their most entrenched patterns, so that they can move forward, feeling empowered to be who they are and develop their own skills. I do this through one-on-one and group work, but I also do it through publishing articles and blogs that are accessible and relatable. 

My work goes way beyond astrology, but is very much rooted in using the correspondences between the above and the below in ways that help us to embody the changes we wish to see. I call that queer astrology, some would call it something else. 

My hope is to contribute to a world in which everything is seen as connected, and our institutions, relationships and ways of being will support all life. I want to live in a world where we treat the earth, our environment, each other and ourselves with love, care and respect. Something which is really easy to say, but which requires we come to terms with the way we’re not treating ourselves and each other with love, care and respect.

Joining my campaign can help YOU by giving you access to a more structured way of learning about yourself, astrology, depth psychology and ways to move through your own shadow material, at whatever level you're ready to engage. All memberships include a 4 page astrology PDF and short video to get you oriented. 

Your support with this campaign will help me in several ways:
  • It will give me the time and space that I need to continue doing all of this work in sustainable ways (“sustainable” to me means that I can build a client base, continue writing, and continue having time for recovering and rebalancing while still maintaining financial security and a level of abundance that allows for healthy food, stable housing, the occasional getaway and continued learning)
  • It will give me the time and space to focus on several writing and research projects including:
    • Lilith, the primal feminine (primal nature), sadomasochism and shadow integration work
    • The place of Evil in the collective psyche (this one needs a lot of time and space) including research into the interplays of Suicide and the Soul as seen through depth psychology and astrology
    • Research into astrology and alternative relationship styles
    • Research into generations as seen through the scope of astrology, including research and writing about the planetary nodes
    • Research and writing about goddess asteroids (namely Sophia and Isis) and their place in the healing of the feminine
    • Starting a Podcast in the second half of 2019
    • Creating an Evolutionary Astrology immersion course, due out in early 2020
  • It will help me remain accountable and on task -- deadlines are built into the incentives! Hooray!
  • It will support me in my quest to build community and hold space for people who are wanting to engage their own paths with depth and integrity
  • And so much more

For more information about my work and my mission as an astrologer, shamanic practitioner, and paradigm buster, or to sample some writings visit

You can also totally just join because you want to support me, without using the incentives. Or, you can make a one-time donation through:

Oh. One last thing. Wanna book a session? That's totally great, too!
$672 of $800 per month
At this goal, I will be able to rest assured that my rent is covered, and my office space is paid for. This goes a long, long way towards being able to exist without worry. To celebrate, I will start producing a monthly podcast (with plans to move to bimonthly in the future). I'll also probably cry a little. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 114 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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