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About Brent Johnson

I want to start this off by saying that this is not a charity.  If you want to view the charities that I work with, Extra Life and Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Research are great causes.

This page is for people that believe in my work and want to help me produce more content.  By becoming my patron, you are allowing me to continue to do what I love.  I'm not going to make this a sob story even though many of you know that I could.  I need to be able to do work from home with flexible hours and be able to leave and take care of my family at any given time.  There is no job that will let you do all of those things.  However, I've been producing youtube videos since 2007 and my First Impressions series is by far my longest running and most popular.  That is what I enjoy making and it keeps my mind off of stressful parts of my life.  I also write gaming news articles for JaxNerd and a new website that I'm launching (see stretch goals).

I obviously appreciate every dollar that is given to help my career become a reality and will be working on rewards for all patrons.
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TURNS OF VIDEO ADS: Helps me afford ramen and fend off debt from Adobe.
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