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  • Access one of my two Monthly One Shot games. I have two books full of One Shot for all kinds of levels. I typically run these one shots on the weekends and any game session missed by you "Roll Over" to the next month. Even if you miss a game you can play in both one shots next month! You will always be guaranteed a game session for each month you are subscribed. 
  • Long time subscribers can suggest ideas for future one shots assembled by me, DM Arcanavore!
  • Access to additional games as attendance may permit. Everyone at this tier will get priority notifications when a scheduled one shot may need the helpful hand of another skilled adventurer. This is to ensure a full table at all of my games and provide an additional benefit to patrons at this tier
  • I limit the number of patrons on this level to 10 to make sure we all have fun!
Mad Mage Dungeon Delver
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  •  Access to additional games as attendance may permit. If for some reason we don't have enough players on hand to play a one shot my subscribing at this tier will grant priority notifications when a scheduled one shot may need the helpful hand of another skilled adventurer. This is to ensure a full table experience for my "Auto Crit One Shot"  patrons and is a way to  provide an additional benefit to patrons at this tier.

  • Participation in a weekly ongoing scheduled game of Dungeons and Dragons. The campaign played will be Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mage.


  • Access to patron-only content

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About Arcanavore

Hello everyone and thank you so much for taking the time out to look at my Patreon page!

My name is Nathan and I am an aspiring Professional Game Master. It is surreal to be writing this right now. My love for Role Playing Games (RPGs) began when I was a teenager more than 20 years ago. With the release of 5E I have become much more committed to the craft. I once ran a game with 200 players 8 that lasted more than about 2 years. I currently stream my main game on I have currently  invested more than $500 on Roll20 assets to run games paid for your enjoyment! I have run tournament games for C2Gaming at PAX Unplugged. I strive to make every game a potent blend of technical solutions, an encyclopedic variety of monster cards and content to make our games as enjoyable as possible. I strive to make every game session involve role play, crunchy encounters, and collaboration.

So why have a Patreon account? First and Foremost, the vast majority of my games up until this point have been free! I have spent decades passionately developing my craft. So, to be considered a Professional is simply a giant honor. Someone once told me, that you can’t be a professional, no matter what you are doing, unless there is an income involved. Tipping me makes me a professional DM, and that is my dream to become. It may not be a high paying profession, but it truly something that I love to do.

All I ask if I have given you the same amount of entertainment as say one movie rental from RedBox each week , that you would consider throwing a tip within your means in the Dungeon Master’s Bag of Holding twice every moon. If I have been your DM in the past and you enjoy what I have to offer then and if that means anything to you tip me $5 to $7 a session. I would love to be able to subsidize my content purchases and a plus or pro subscription on or perhaps one day when I am very old an grey tiny residual retirement income for sitting down at the table with you and our fellow heroes, with beards and wrinkles, crafting epic stories and sharing unforgettable moments.

Without this Patreon page I currently am in the position of entertaining five people, once, twice maybe thrice three nights a week with all costs incurred out of pocket. I do this for sheer fact of the love of the sitting in the DM seat. But these cost are something to consider 

Digital Art Library

I currently have spent over $300.00 on Digital Art on the Roll 20 Market place. This is so that I can make the game feel as professional as possible. This ensures if we don't have a map for anything I can make one up in a matter of moments.

Official WOTC Content on Roll20.Net
So far I have tallied up $200.00, but I intend on getting more content. As the most of you know I kinda weave my own stuff into these great adventures.

3rd Party content purchases on Roll20.Net
More than $100. Kobold Press is the best!

3rd Party content purchases
More $400 worth of adventures by 3rd party companies like Absolute Tabletop & 2CGaming.

Gaming Amenities
Guys I have a Blue Yeti Microphone just so you all can hear me clearly. But I would love to eventually get more equipment to record the audio and video of our session so that we can look back at our adventures together and chronicle it all on youtube.

A bare minimum of 8 hours per week of my time is spent developing and curating each group of players' weekly sessions. Time is a resource after all.

Well to be honest it is surreal to be here, but I am so elated to live in a world where all this is even possible.

Thank you all for your collaboration and your consideration.
$0 of $7 per month

$7 in monthly patreon revenue will allow me to have a Roll Plus Subscription and still have a dollar to put towards more fun!

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