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About ArchTalko

Take The Time To susTain The Talko!

It's not the perfect alliteration, alright? Just roll with it

I love YouTube, and I love making videos for you to enjoy. There's a slight problem, though. I also love living under a roof that wasn't sanctioned by the cardboard gods.

Pledging to me on Patreon will allow me to more effectively do both. Balancing work, a (pretty sad) social life, school, and YouTube doesn't allow a whole lot of breathing room. By receiving your support, I'll be able to funnel more time & resources into expanding the channel which in turn means higher quality and quantity. I'd love to be able to focus on YouTube as my primary job, and by pledging even $1/month, we'll be that much closer to realizing this dream!

What potential equipment the money will go towards:
  • Commisioned art, animations, and music
  • 3DS capture card 
  • Sound-proofing insulation materials FUNDED!
  • PC upgrades to reduce render times/ stay up to date with current-gen games
  • Probably like 3 pizzas, possibly 4 but I dunno man that might be pushin' it

I don't want you to leave empty handed, though! If you do decide to support, I'll do everything in my power to make it feel worthwhile; feel free to check out the rewards tab to see what I mean! That said, I absolutely understand if you're not able to pledge. I'm personally not in a financially viable situation to support many patrons here, so of course I don't expect it from you. If you still want to help support the channel, continuing to like, comment on, and share videos is more than enough!

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my page. I hope you're having a great day!

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Lil Talkos
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Thank you! Every dollar helps, so I want to shout-out each and every one of you!
  • An invite to our growing Discord server, with weekly voice chats and like 40 crabs, give or take another 40 crabs
  • Your name in every livestream's intro/outro
  • Your name in the first/last video of every LP series, & at the end of every high-production video
  • Patron-exclusive blog with mini updates on my life, games I've been playing, etc.
  • Entered into a monthly raffle for the chance to win a game. Raffle is drawn on the 6th of each month, winners contacted via Discord & Twitter.
Includes Discord rewards
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This is a huge help to sustaining the channel! Let me shower you in goodies and VIP access! 
  • Exclusive Discord channel access & role
  • Access to a monthly Read & Watch List filled with various articles, games, videos, etc. that I've experienced and recommend to everyone
  • Unique asset packs (wallpapers, sound effects, etc.)
  • Early access to high-production videos before they go live
  • All previous rewards!
Includes Discord rewards
Big Cheeses
per month
Whoa! Thank you so much! For being so invested, let me give you the resources needed to recreate all my tricks!
  • Blog breakdowns on the behind the scenes process of creating various videos
  • Request a video tutorial for a specific process/ effect used in any video once a month
  • All previous rewards!!
Includes Discord rewards
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Part-time Achieved!

I'm blessed by living in an area with reasonable living expenses, but living on your own's still pretty heckin expensive. While this won't cover all my bills, it's a huge step to extending the amount of time I can go ham with my channel!
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