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I am a bartender. Not professionally, just for fun. I deeply enjoy bartending at parties and occasionally will host my own. I love creating something personalized on the spot for someone who has come to my bar looking for a good drink just as much as I enjoy carefully crafting a full recipe for a new drink. Even beyond that I always have such a great time talking with people, getting to know them and I’m always learning new things from them! So bartending at parties just became my thing and the party always turns out so much better because of it.

I got started about 5 years ago, I hated the taste of alcohol and couldn’t stand the taste in most drinks, I can tolerate beer, and wine is just not for me. However, I did enjoy being buzzed/tipsy/drink depending on the occasion and how’ve many people were around, the more the merrier and the more I’d drink! It was always a good time. I also discovered my tolerance for liquor was a good deal more than most. This created a dilemma, I had to drink a lot to get where I wanted but I had to torture myself and just deal with the taste. It got to the point where I didn’t care what I was drinking as long as it was really strong so I tended to start a party off with one or two double shots of everclear or moonshine if it was available. Went down like molten sand but it got the job done.

People would always try to make me mixed drinks but they weren’t ever any good. I finally got tired of not enjoying the drinking process of drinking, which is supposed to be half the fun in my opinion, so I started to experiment. I started to learn what drinks went well with what mixers and all the little things you could to to cover the taste. First thing that I discovered was this weird apple cider powder mix that for some reason you could just do half water, half vodka or rum(white rum being a personal preference), and about 1.5x the normal serving amount of the powdered mix. I couldn’t taste the alcohol at all! I was truly astounded! What was it about this mix that just covered the taste of alcohol completely?? Then I tested out Hawaiian Punch which was a bit underwhelming but had promise.

I then picked up little tricks here and there through research and experimentation. Finally I had gotten to the point that I could easily make a drink that was not only potent enough to get me tipsy with only one cup(red solo cup that is, which is approximately one bottle of beer), but tasted as though there was little to no alcohol in the drink at all! I kept going I still wasn’t satisfied, I wanted to make good shots also. I eventually got to the point I was pleased enough with those as well.

“So what next?” I thought, would this be as far as I went? No. I still wanted more, I wanted to create my own signature drink! And I did! It’s a fantastic shooter that tastes like cotton candy! But I wanted it to be more unique than that, I wanted it to be something more easily recognizable. I gave it some nice visual flare and so Argons Liquid Cotton Candy(ALCoCandy for short) was born(or as most know it Argons Cummies, initially named as a joke amongst friends, but people liked it so it kinda stuck). From there I still wanted more I wanted to keep creating new unique drinks with official recipes that visually, tastefully, and/or ingredientially represent someone’s character. I’ve created a few drinks based on some of my friends for fun and more people keep asking for one of their own to be made and that costs money! Alcohol isn’t cheap lol.

So here you can give me a tip because you just enjoy what I’ve made, or maybe because you enjoy my company or conversation. Every dollar makes a difference and is heavily appreciated. 

PS: over time my dislike for alcohol lessened so I’m actually able to enjoy classic cocktails now and appreciate the difference between different kinds of liquor as well as the difference between the quality of said liquors. 
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Getting started, once I get to this point I’ll have some actual hope for get to my next goal, and I’ll reveal(to all pledges) the recipe to one of my personal drinks!
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