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is creating sequential images accompanied by sounds.
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About Aria Bennett

Hey Aria!

I clicked on your Patreon link and presumably I'm deciding if I should give you my precious, precious money.
Yes please do that please please please.

Wow uh, calm down there cowboy, first I want to know something: why you want my cash dollars?

This is my only source of income.

What? Really? How are you still alive?
That's a good question!

No seriously.
I have a great husband who buys me food.

Wow that's awesome, where do I get one of those?

Really?  I thought that was just for hookups.
I did too- apparently not!

...What were we talking about?
You were saying that you wanted to give me a whole lot of money.

Oh yeah sure!  For the price of a cup of coffee each month I can support you and get benefits from your Patreon such as your Patron feed where I'll be able to get in contact with you about whatever I feel like as well as other possible benefits such as amazing graphical inserts of my name into future videos and/or shoutouts!
Wow!  I never thought about it like that!  That sounds like a great deal!

It sure is!  I can't wait to donate!


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