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About ArkaDark Artist

Hello! My name is J. Pablo Alvarez P. and I’m an self-taught digital designer and illustrator with a long road to go, and I definitely would love you to ride along.
My dream is to be able to make a living from my own personal projects, so this is a natural step to try in that difficult quest!! Not only you will allow me to invest more time in producing (and thus practicing) more art, but you will also be able to influence directly what I’ll do next for the fanart and tutorials!

I have 3 main projects that I would like to develop with your help, my beloved patreon(s).

First of all my Fantasy webcomic "The Darkness Tales", introducing a whole world of fantasy with several original creatures, monsters and cultures. To be able to publish this story as a book has been one of my dreams and I’ve been working on the universe, characters and designs for more than a decade already. Although a little bit serious, it has been really fun to write as a (mostly) upbeat and comical story.

Another webcomic, with a Mech/Space theme, with a title still pending, but in Deviantart known as “MAWCS” (Mechanical Armored Weapon-Core Systems). My attempt for a more serious narrative and characters, with different social and cultural themes that I would like to talk about. Although not as developed this one is definitely the one I like to write and draw the most.

The third one is a line of Card Games that I would love to publish both physically and Online as Print and Play books, both free and paid versions.

If demanded enough I’ll also continue some fanart projects, like Yugioh Digimon and Pokemon

Monthly fanarts, tutorials and more will also be added to the schedule on demand!!!

Please, help me to make my dream come true and create this fantastic projects!
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Even a small community interested in my work would be enough for me to start going with my series and games.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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