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About ArkySparky

Warmest of welcomes to you and thanks for dropping by my lovely little Patreon page!
My name is Arky, I'm a game developer, comic creator and art teacher specializing in 2D art, with a burning desire to create and put a smile on your face~
I've been freelancing for over a year after working full-time in game development, so my aim for this page is to earn enough money to keep creating things for you wonderful people <3

I'm always working on something fun, and I'd love to share that fun with you here on Patreon.
Some of the things I'll be posting here include:
  • Exclusive Work-In-Progress Images and Videos
  • Signed prints delivered right to your door
  • Hand-Drawn rewards just for you
I'm also happy to give critiques and feedback on your art. Post your latest drawings in the community section or DM me. Don't be afraid to critique my works too! Let's improve together!

I'm also working on a comic with the ever wonderful, Kevin Miller (though you may know him better as the voice of Sly Cooper). While most of it is super top secret stuff at this stage, any updates I'm permitted to give during the production will be posted here on Patreon first!
Check out the site:

So, if you like the sound of being bombarded with my doodles and oddities, feel free to pledge! <3
Should you need to, you can edit or cancel your subscription any time you wish.
~Thank you so very much for your support, couldn't do it without ya~

If you'd like to follow or check out my various social media pages, here ye go:

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