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is creating The possibility to deliver aid in the most hostile of places.
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About Armoured Aid

Armoured Aid is a group of volunteers looking to solve a serious problem with basic medical & humanitarian aid not being able to reach those in dangerous conflict-affected areas across the world. We all see the adverts on TV from popular charities asking for your $10 donation to help give food etc. But what about people in need of basic aid stuck in places under siege or in the middle of a war? Charities won't deliver to them It's too dangerous! Well Armoured Aid can & will, With Armoured vehicles and Ex-Military experienced drivers we are willing to risk our own lives for those who without, would lose theirs.

We are looking to you guys at home in order to make this possible, With your support we will be able to get more vehicles, more aid, and more professionals to more locations.

Unlike other Aid companies/Charities who sit at a boarder with millions of dollars worth of public aid waiting for a guaranteed safe passage through which often never comes, Armoured aid purchases and delivers its own aid from beginning to end in order to save huge amounts of money wasted by employing sub contractors or trusting to hand it over as a government payment. Members of Armoured Aid will always take that risk to get the aid through, guaranteed or not.

We will be helping our own Ex-Service men & women by offering them a Job in which they already have the expertise in. Helping them Help others.

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Community Decided Aid Delivery Location, vehicle permits, visas and travel documents Ready to Roll.
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