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when audio device is removed
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  • Machine washable (when audio device is removed) 
  • Made of high quality cotton materials including corduroy and denim which are durable and provide interesting textures
  • Lined with PUL (same material cloth diapers are made from), to create some water resistance in case of spits or spills
  • Vinyl (BPA/Phalate free) window holds a name tag, small photo, or song title 

Powered by 3 AAA batteries
per month
  • Loop allows Toonsie to be attached to a stroller, high chair, diaper bag, etc.
  • On/off toggle switch on rear of audio device prevents Toonsie from being played when unintended
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries that are secured in a compartment by a screwed on cover (batteries not included) 
  • Batteries rarely need replacement (will last for months with moderate use)

Toonsie will be safety tested to meet or exceed requirements of the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Why do I need backers?
per month
 reating a new product is expensive.  Minimum order quantities must be met in order to get the cost of Toonsie down to something every family can afford.  By backing this project, you'll help launch Toonsie into production.  Every incentive level comes with at least one Toonsie plush pouch along with the audio device and recording cable.   




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About Arnold Carlsonzem

What is a Toonsie Toy?

Toonsie is a patent-pending audio toy. It is an easy to operate re-recordable audio toy designed for the young child. Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and caregivers love the sense of control it provides. Children love playing their favorite song over and over again using Toonsie's single button to both start and stop. Even parents who might typically avoid audio toys love it, since they are in control of the content, volume, and length (up to 200 seconds).
Combing simplicity and versatility, it is the perfect baby shower gift and birthday present. Toonsie makes parents' lives easier and keeps kids happy.
Simply connect the audio device that comes in Toonsie's zippered plush pouch to any headphone jack to record WHATEVER audio you want. No apps or software required.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Rana. I'm a mom of two young children living in Somerville, Massachusetts. A career woman, but an entrepreneur at heart, I've always had a lot of ideas. I needed to find a solution to my children's requests for playing and singing the same song over and over again. When I couldn't find a product that met this need, Toonsie was born out of necessity. I am so excited to bring this toy to you and your family.

How is Toonsie made?

The plush pouch prototypes have been hand sewn, and the audio devices and cables were purchased from a supplier. Combined, they make a Toonsie! When mass produced, the pouches will be sewn in a factory. The following requirements will be met with the production order: 

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