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I decided to just have one tier. becoming a patreon at $5 will let you see all the stuff i post. both caricatures and sketches from my comic Blunderland ( this might contain spoilers but nothing with story text)



About Aron Mason

Everyone of us lives to find something we enjoy. Some of us are lucky enough to find we can share that joy with others. My Joy is art and I love bringing joy to others with my art. 
Sadly however Joy cannot pay bills, fill my belly or get me better equipment to make my art and so here i am seeking Patrons to share my art.
I hope you will become a patron and enjoy some of my art.

polite note: becoming a patron will not give anybody permission to post my art anywhere on the net. the only person who has the right to do so is myself. 
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 the goal i have in mind is to buy myself better equipment in order to produce better art. and I know their are people who say don't blame the tools but my tools (pc) are old and replacement would be a good thing. i would also like to get better software and equipment to help me make you tube Videos. so hoping i can give people great art and they help me get my goals.
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