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Hello I’m Angelina....I worked in a nursing home for 13 years...starting from the bottom as a CNA....working my way up to a nurse practitioner....i thought that was my calling....until my mother passed away from stage 4 lung cancer...that was devasting and traumatic...I took care of my mother in every way heart had enough. I could not do it any longer. After trying to start my own scaping...I realized that wasn’t for me...although it seemed to be the best fit making a profit it just wasn’t brought no happiness. I’m still trying to find my calling here. Stumbling upon my own health issues I threw my hands up...I don’t know what I want in life but I know there is more. Long story short I invested my life savings into selling fashion but it really is not my daughter and I are amazing at photography and we want to excel in making tutorial videos of all sorts.....please stay tuned while we finish setting up our tutorial. We appreciate any support there is. Our goal is to make tutorial tips....and to share the beauty we find in the world through photography..

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