is creating random collections of cartoons, sculptures and landscaping.

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Welcome to ArtByClay, a variety of jokes, riddles and other nonsensical content. 

OH MY GOSH! I misspell my very first word on my Patreon Page.  I guess I need to proof read my cartoons. "DUH" I do know how to spell BELIEVE. I need to  some time  and edit this..

April '19, I had a back surgery and now got four titanium screws. My doctor told me I needed to take it easy for three months. I figured while I was taking it easy, it was a good time to create a Patreon page!

My back Femoral nerve was burning like crazy. I could not explain to my doctor how miserable I was, so I made my own pain chart.

The little guy with the one foot in the grave is me.

I knew the operation and recovery was going to take a long time so I created a "Thank You" cartoon to give everyone who I came in contact with. I have handed out bunches of these Thank You card.

Almost a year later, and I am still handing out these Thank You card cartoons.

 After I was able to get up and walk, I drew this cartoon.

Like the old saying, you never really know what you got until its gone. Gotta count your blessings every day,  and give thanks for all that you have.

Recently I realize that I am a bit of an  "O.C.D.", an Obsessive Cartoon Drawer! 

I really enjoy sharing cartoons with other people. These people are my "cartoon enablers" who I am always on the lookout for, they inspire me to draw more. When I find someone who really likes cartoons I like to draw them a cat or dog cartoon. Seems everyone who I give a cartoon to is very happy to get it.

Patreon seems like a great place for me to connect with more wonderful people who enjoy cartoons.

My hope is that there are a lot of like minded, art appreciating, "cartoon enablers" here on Patreon.

I believe that the best art a person can make is the way that they live their life. By living your life in the best way you possibly can, you are practicing  "the art of living".

My goal for this site is to clean up my drawing workspace and organize all my piles of random cartoons into different categories.  After the pages are together, I dream of creating and distributing cartoon coloring books.

"Whats Knew" cartoons are jokes & riddles where the punch line is written in a mirror text. This way you can not jump directly to the answer, you have to stop and think. If you can not think of the answer, you have to read the mirror text.

"Motivational & Inspirational" cartoons that are drawn to make you feel good and to activate you to get going.

"Emoji-toons" cartoons that you can use on both digital and hard copy communications.

"Advertising Art" are cartoons promoting this Patreon site.

"Bible Verses" are cartoons that I plan to put together for a Christian coloring book.

Here are a couple of my "Whats Knew?" cartoons.

Seems I am always critiquing my drawing to see what I could improve. I wanted this worm to be more funny and more in your face.

I've always like this joke. Look how happy the cat is, he is sooooo proud of himself.

Here are some of my Emoji-toons, they are designed to be colored in. There are lots of enclosed areas ready to be filled in with color.  For each emoji-toon emotion, I make two cartoons, one for the cat people and one for the dog people. On a couple of the emoji-toons I have the cat and dog together.

Sometimes the cartoons that I draw relate to something that I need to do, or want to do. I create a lot of "Too Due" lists. These are lists of things that should have already been done, but they are not done, they are late, they are "TOO DUE".

The practice of me drawing cartoons showing me working on projects, is similar to early cave paintings. The cave painters were using positive visualization techniques when they painted themselves hunting herds of animals. When I create a project list and then include a cartoon working on the list, I too am visualizing that my project is being worked on, and progressing towards completion.

After the conception of a project I will outline the steps it takes to complete it. Sometimes I will draw a picture of myself working on the project. Seeing a cartoon of me working on a project, kind of tells my mind that the project is now being worked on. 

The "Bible Verse Cartoon Coloring Book" gets closer to completion every day. I am finding passages about love, and healing and the good news of Jesus.

My hope is that the verses and cartoons will bring a lot of peace and happiness to everyone who reads it.

I think a lot of people shy away from Christianity because they do not want to feel "guilty" by their behavior. I just focus on Jesus who is all about forgiveness and loving one another.

I have a lot to learn about Patreon and how to create member interactions.  I suffer from extreme "Old Dog Syndrome" and I find it difficult to learn new tricks.    

I encourage everyone to send me their suggestions and comments on how I can make this a more interactive and fun page.
Thank you for any and all support and sharing you can provide.
Most appreciatively,

PS I noticed I misspelled Believe on my banner, unbewevable!

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As I get use to working in Patreon I look forward to getting suggestions from the Patrons on what kind of rewards they would like. If I hit this monthly amount I will send everyone a super nice "Thank You" cartoon.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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