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At least once a month, and probably more often, I'll post to Patreon my sketches, ideas, that will otherwise never see the light of day. Except that you will get to see it!
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You will also have the possibility to request a character pen sketch from me.
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Hey there ,Boris here ! And I welcome you to my humble Patreon ! Here you will find many fanart pieces regarding mostly american comics and some videogames too !
So let's get on with the introductions , shall we ?

I'm a comic book artist that works for the comic book company 15 Year Comics ( ) and I've always been a big fan of incredible artists such as the great Humberto Ramos and Joe Madureira , in fact , my art style is heavily influenced by these two ! Other than the comics I work on with my company , I also like making a lot of fanart and fancomics . Now , I'm 22 and due to some uncomfortable sircumstances I have to take care of the family and I must do whatever I can and I'm also risking  to dedicate little to no time to my fanart/comics and company work . I'm not really good at jobs that don't involve drawing and I really don't want to let down my mother and all the people that follow my art by diminishing the works I do .
So yeah , if you feel like supporting me it would make me realy happy :) .

Thanks for viewing and have an awesome day ! 
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Yes you heard me right!Im gonna start posting frequent videos of my drawings in the drawing process!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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