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Hey everyone, name's Roxanne "Rox" Farfan, and I love drawing. Cartooning has been a major factor in my life and that love for art has followed me from elementary school all the way to College. Currently, I am enroll in college for a degree in Graphic Design, my real dream job is one day becoming a self-published Comic Book artist and share my stories with everyone.

As of right now, I am currently working a comic book with a working title called "Numinous", a story about a young woman's journey into finding a powerful messiah to save her world from a demonic invasion and the eventual end of the world. This story has been in development since high school, so I put so much love and hard work into the comic and hope for someday that it became a publish piece of art. After "Numinous", I will plan to make more stories and art in the future.

ALSO! I do fan art too! Right now, I am a fan of Splatoon, so if you have Original characters, I'll be glad to draw them for you!
With your support, you will be helping me improve my craft  and introduce me to different type of characters. I will be doing commissions and character designs for your own stories or for role playing, and also I will be able to acquire art supplies and software/hardware (be it Digital or Traditional). Any little bit would help me greatly and thank you for your support!
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While I use a Tablet for my digital art works, my current tablet is started to show it's age and has been having issues when connecting to another computer or even reconnecting it back into the same computer. I had a Wacom in the past and I know I can trust that brand in making my art feel more natural as if I was drawing on paper. The monitor version is very pricey, so I'll continue to use a USB tablet.
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