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Anime Character/O.C commissions
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for this tier you will be in able to recieve a anime character of your own choosing or an original character drawn by me!!!

comic character commissions
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in this tier you can request any comic book character of your liking that you would like to see me draw and it will
realistic portrate commissions
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in this tier you can request a realistic picture of yourself, a family member, famous actor/actress, animal, etc. i will also add on an additinal surprise piece done on the shipping



About Art_With_Abraham

This is where i begin my journey as an artist wherever it may bring me, and i want to bring you along, and id also like to thank you for become a patron i EXTREMELY!! appreciate your support.

i am going to be creating and posting content that you can see before anyone else and content exclusive to patreon that wont be anywhere else

I'm a self taught artist looking to make a name for myself, I'm deciding that its now time for me to start sharing my artwork with the world in more then just one way. 
My name is Abraham Ortiz I've been drawing ever since I can remember I've always been shy about selling my work, but recent events really shed some light on my life and made me realize I was meant for greater things
If you would like to support me in my endeavors and like what I'm doing feel free to buy a piece from me or request a drawing through one of my tiers,
One day id like to stream and show my thought process when it comes to certain drawings I do, and if you'd like to see that help me reach my goal.
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It may seem like much for someone who is just starting out in this field and it also did cross my mind that it might take a while, but with that being said in order to get content out for you wondeful people i do need new supplies and equipment in order to do certain things such as Streaming(maybe), creating videos, making posters, etc. 
i want to create content i love and content that you all hopefully like too!!
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