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Hey Demons, it’s ya girl!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  I have been cosplaying for almost a year now. It's so much fun and I love getting lost in the characters! It would be awesome if you could help support my hobby ♡ It's something I'm very passionate about and want to improve on. Every cent counts.

Will there be noods?
-No nudity. Some lewd cosplays/boudoir occasionally,
but never nude.

How will I be charged?
-Patreon collects the payment immediately and then your monthly payments begin each 1st of the month.

How/When will I get my content?
-After the billing cycle has ended. The 1st of each month I will inbox a DropBox link to you (: The link is valid for 30 days.

Can I share the content?
-NoooOoOoO!! The content I provide is Patreon exclusive. Sharing without permission will result in a permanent ban.

$0 of $2,000 per null
♡ Reaching this goal will allow me to make better costumes and produce more photos. ♡
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