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    Heya! Just here for presence for now. Not enough time to have a pledge plan. Maybe in the future. Currently spending all hours of the day on a full-length animation project with my wife. Though I am fitting in new paintings in the next several months as well. Please check back from time to time.. things can and do change!

    My spiritual studies and search for truth has always been a large influence in my work. In this search, my path took a very sharp turn a couple years ago.. or at least it began then. I was very closely tied to New Age thought and even did work for through David Wilcock and Corey Goode. But now and after enough digging, I have found what I've been seeking all my life. 

    I look forward to showing more praise through my work to Yahuah (father - and breath of life) and to his son Yahushua (Yah is salvation) I ask for patience in this process.

    My page links:
    Animation Project
    Instagram arthurherringart
    Facebook Arthur Herring Illustration
    Facebook Arthur Herring Fine Art
    Prints & Cards

    • A little about me - I've been painting for many years, and this includes digital painting/illustration and all mediums of paint, but mostly pastel and oil. I've found that working with physical art has helped me a lot with digital, and vice versa. Also getting really active in Adobe After Effects working in animation and effects. 

    If you still want to help out, I've left a way for you to pledge a little something. Anything helps at this stage of or project. May Yahuah Bless You


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    I'm thrilled looking ahead at the possibilities of sharing art, knowledge, projects, etc, etc with you. My first goal is to finish a full-length animation project. Then, I'll revisit my goals on this platform, though I have a storng outlook. I'm just grateful you're here! 
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