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"I didn't think I'd need much help..."
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This is it guys.

This is the moment where we make a step together.

Or as my autocorrect just interviewed with, "This is the moment where we make a step yogurt" so... there's that, I guess. 

Interviewed??? It got me twice and I didn't even notice the second time! Intervened*



Now! What was I saying?

So, yes! Ah, ha! Right, I was about to tell you about this moment.

This is the moment where people began to believe Arthur was real.

This was the moment where it all began.

Weird? Cryptic? Kind've unsettling?

Aren't these all the things you look for in a great story?

One day, Adam hopes to change the world.

One day, Adam wants to have helped as many people as he possibly could.

All the obstacles that were once in my way, whether they were within my control or not, they all lead to me being able to help as many people as I could.

But to help more people, I need help myself.

Your help.

And return, in return for your life changing help, I promise to do nothing but entertain you and everyone else I can.

If I, for whatever reason, cease to entertain, please, I understand that everyone has different tastes in all that this world has to offer.

If I'm not for you, then no hard feelings. It was lovely to have you around, I hope to one day change your mind again; one last time.

Please, if you'd like to be entertained more - feel free to follow me, watch the live shows, watch whatever I post, it's all going to be free to watch for everyone anyway.

But if you join my Patreon, then I can make the push to make a Pilot episode, I can get producers on board and create the show about the book about the show that the book is in.

I can leave my job and really give it a go.

Tell the story I want to tell.

Live a good life.

Help as many people as I can - when I'm in a place to do so.

Thank you for reading,

I hope I don't disappoint.

I hope you're safe.

I hope you're happy.

"Who is he talking to?"


"I don't... think so..."



"I'm worried that he might have lost it."

"You can't lose what you never had."

"What... did I just... read?"

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About Arthur J. Wilde

Welcome to the story.

This is the part of the show, where Arthur notices he's becoming more well known.

He changes his opening paragraph of his Patreon to this very text, and we see him really reaching for his goal - of taking his script to Triimuda.

Check out the first video here!

And we're off...
$0 of $1,000 per month
Goal one.


To make the first episode is my first goal, really. That's on my own dime - but the time I'm spending looking back over myself (in order to actually make these videos) is also time that I need to spend DOING THINGS; so as to continue to be able to make videos in the first place.

I need to be DOING THINGS to show you guys some more good times, but I can't DO-ING THINGS without money. So I can either stay at work longer, making videos slower, OR I could earn enough from you guys on here so that I can do more things to make you happy too.

It's going to be revolutionary.

A person, claiming that they're going to be famous, and telling everyone exactly HOW he's doing it, WHILE he's doing it, is going to be something to be marvelled at, for generations to come.

Maybe not... next generation?

Or even the one after that...

But someone, at some point, eventually, WILL like what I'm trying to DO-ING HERE:

I'm simply here, to try and make you happy, by letting you know that YOU can be AMAZING TOO.

All you have to do:

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