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I have no idea what to do with my money
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If you have no idea what to do with your money. Put it here. I'll figure something out. 5% off creations for public sale
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El Patron's get the reward badge that I have literally just made up in my head. I don't know what it will look like but I could forge it out of mild steel, it'd rust so don't get it wet. Or like, oil it, if you don't mind oil on ur shit.. I'll varnish it. 10% off creations + Patron badge
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I expect 0 people to be involved in this, but on the off chance that some mad person decides to instigate the complete unknown, I will have to furnish them with a trinket worthy of such a noble warrior. A better badge than the cheaper option. 20% off all creations + Knight badge




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About Michael

I have no idea how any of this works, but if I get money, I'm just gonna make shit. Alllllll sorts of shit mate.

) That moment when I'm like ''Oh shit someone gave me money!"
) Making shit that I come up with in all that time I'm not working a shitty job
Liiike ) A windproof rolling device for smokers
    ) Some cool art pieces with lights (or without lights)
    ) Mad guitars
    ) Nice coffee (for me to drink(maybe a tutorial on not making shit coffee))
and some bigger shit like,
         ) A giant blanket fort
    ) Toilets for festivals that don't get dirty (shitty)
    ) I have this idea for a better laser tag but that's well expensive

If you have ideas and want something made. Let me know. Or someone else, or just keep it to yourself and just feel good knowing that you have a cool idea in your head. I do that all the time.

Did you know? 99.5% of Patreon's top-earning creators use this section to thank their fans and patrons. That's interesting isn't it? Also the pyramids are way older than 4500 years. And the idea for pasta was stolen from noodles.

When I get money, I shall post high quality videos of the shit I do with it.. Probably. I might need to get a computer that can edit videos first. I can borrow cameras but editing is like using someones personal computer for a loooong time. I dunno I'll cross that bridge when I can't find another way to get over that chasm.
$1 of $10 per creation
DOUBLE DIGITS: I will literally buy myself some food
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