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is creating original music and artistic virtual reality dreamscapes.

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For establishing this unique platform connecting patrons of the arts with creative people everywhere. 
The projects presented here are in many cases ongoing such as my song writing which can be sampled or purchased at - Ultimately that is actually the best way to support me and get immediate finished product.

Lately I have become immersed in virtual reality where it appears there is finally an all inclusive platform that can potentially bring people into the mind's eye of an artist's imagination.

Virtual reality (VR) is unlike any tool of perception that we have seen before and yet, the first-time experience is of this incredibly familiar sense of presence and immersion, highly potent and one of the wildest sharing experiences of all time.

THE DREAMSCAPING SERIES (landscaping dreams) website:
Over the last three years I have been an early, independent Oculus Rift developer (Artist3d) learning the virtual reality ropes so to speak and managing to produce a couple of decent projects representing where I want to take this new genre of experience.

In the past I have always looked for ways, mostly through video to share my music and art simultaneously however no medium has ever offered such a completely unique platform where I could bring it all together in a single all-encompassing experience of music with my art.

The Dreamscaping Series is part of a new virtual reality series of 'experientials', I hope the genre becomes a significant offshoot of the gaming market already establishing their initial VR audience.

In return for any support, I offer patrons various and immediate access to my archive of original work in the form of over 50 albums of original music, my first two Dreamscaping Series worlds (for those with an Oculus Rift), Islands in Space VR and Where Spheres Touch VR as well as dozens of HD-quality video productions in 2D,3D or 360 degrees. As I am always updating these projects I can generously share this work as fair compensation for your support and provide first dibs and special pricing on any new projects that come to fruition.

Please review some of my basic project goals and thank you very much for your time and consideration.

0% complete
GOAL #3 at $25/month or more. (includes the benefits of Goal #1 & Goal #2)
Realistically this is my primary 'goal' garnering enough to live on while working to increase my understanding of VR creation programs and creating finished work.  $25/ month from 100 patrons would aid in helping me complete a lot of projects and goals.

I remain focused on expanding my Dreamscaping Series (
I can offer installation software copies, component music and art quality digital files for use by patrons. Certainly any patrons who happen to have an Oculus Rift desktop VR headset are eligible for free copies of projects I have completed to date plus previews of work in progress.

The Dreamscaping Series is an effort to create a series of landscaped dream-like environments for listening to music in virtual reality via the Oculus Rift. Since the desktop VR 'art and music' audience is pretty small at this point, there is still a mobile audience that is larger so I am frequently releasing 360 degree music videos for those  who have taken an initial interest in mobile VR through the Oculus Gear VR/Samsung phone and other viewers out there like Google Cardboard.

These mobile devices represent at least a taste of the VR experience and have sold exponentially more than actual power-house-based VR Desktop Systems which are only now starting to come down in price. That is very encouraging to me.

Any patrons of this ongoing goal will be generously rewarded with digital downloads, previews and updates on my projects. For now, I am focusing on building on my Dreamscaping Series. I do from time to time meet in virtual places like BigScreen, VRChat and vTime to talk to people and often provide free copies to interested users to gain their feedback and help hone my skills as a developer. If you are a patron with an Oculus Rift I would welcome an opportunity to chat in person through these exciting social platforms. Please contact me for a time and VR place to meet. 
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