is creating Drawings, Webcomics, Inspirational art, Fantasy art, cute stuff

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  • Custom Drawing. Give me a picture, and I will draw it in my style. 
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  • Latest Unposted Chapter of Brains Suck
  • Plus all previous rewards
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  • Commissions (keep in mind, I am not as good at drawing animals) *Digital Copy Only 
  • Shout Outs on IG/Webtoon
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Hello Magical Fans of mine, thanks for checking out my Patreon. Can you tell I am new to this all? 
Haha, hopefully my art is good enough to eventually do it full time, and if not then you can bet your ass it will be better in the future :p 

I enjoy all forms of art, especially acting, singing and drawing. Hopefully I can offer more variety of content in the future for you to enjoy. 
$0 of $1,500 per
If I can supplement my basic income for the month, I can be an artist full time and release more content. 

If you can help me achieve this, I will be able to create teirs that are better quality as well! 
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