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About Art of Tygrex

This Patreon is used to support the homebrew D&D content created by Art of Tygrex as well as serve as a place to easily gain access to all available documents, voting polls, and other features.

Due to personal circumstances, there is currently no set schedule behind the content drops, though the creator (Me, hello there *waves* ) will do their best to deliver up to date quality content available for free for all as often as possible.

Please note that you do not need to donate to this Patreon if you do not want to or are unable to, you are free to use the content here however you want for your own games and such. However, supporting this Patreon will gain you some perks such as suggesting what type of content should appear here in the future.

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  • Feats
  • Monsters
  • And Other Things Still Being Worked On

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