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The High Fliers - Silver Jill + feed
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If you want to see more of the behind the scenes on the making of Silver Jill, here's the place for you. Lettice is very glad to see you!

- Access to the general feed.

- Access to all Silver Jill related updates - sketches, works in progress,walkthroughs, finished pieces, snippets from the book, etc.,

-  and an enormous thank you from me!

Visionaries - All Projects
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Full access to everything I post! Works in progress, finished pieces, walkthroughs with tips and tricks, mini tutorials, updates, blog posts, anything!

- Same as the High Fliers + updates on all projects - The Naiad Chronicles, Silver Jill, Caimwind, and more,

- mini tutorials, tips and documented walkthroughs,

- 25% Store discounts whenever new stock goes up! 

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The Collector - A5 Character Commission
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A commission slot for one A5 (14.8 x 21.0 cm) character portrait per month! Anthro characters, animals, humans, monsters, I’ll paint ‘em all! You will receive one painting for each month you support.

Painted on 300 gsm wet media paper. Fine liner (or pencil) and watercolour, price includes international shipping, etc. Will ship FLAT, not rolled.

 No NSFW pls!

  • 1 x A5 watercolour commission for each month pledged
  • All the merits of the Supporter tier 
  • A massive thank you from me!




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About Elizabeth Best

Hello everyone! I'm Elizabeth, an author-illustrator creating fantasy novels such as The Naiad Chronicles, Silver Jill, and the upcoming series, Caimwind. 

My current project, Silver Jill, is an adventure story following Lettice, a high-flying botanist hare who continues the work of her late parents by researching the mystery of Shishiki Island. This book will be illustrated with at least 140 full colour illustrations, spreads, maps, plans, designs, and anything else that works!

I'm hoping for the book to see completion near the spring/summer of 2019, and a little income from generous patrons will be an enormous and much welcome boost! In exchange, you’ll get routine updates in progress and development. 

Both Silver Jill and this Patreon are suitable for all ages! 

Other Projects
Alongside my work in Silver Jill, I also paint a little piece everyday for the world of Caimwind, a high-fantasy book about witchcraft and nature, and dragons, of course. These conceptual pieces help build an idea of the world, both for myself and for potential readers. I post these publicly on this Patreon too, so follow along for free if you would like!

I'm also working on the final book in my fantasy quartet, The Naiad Chronicles - a series involving talkative dragons, mysterious armies, elven feuds and numerous cups of tea. Oh, and cats. Quite a few cats.

About Me
I'm Elizabeth-Rose, illustrator, author, crafter. Presently I'm based in Scotland, though I am originally from Yorkshire. You can find me on Instagram as ArtofERBest for a variety of works, or you can follow my blog at www.inukibooks.com. Formal education includes Design for Digital Media at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Though Silver Jill will be completed with watercolours, I also use digital mediums like Photoshop for digital paintings.

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