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"What do we have here..a demon, lying in the hearts of many, waiting for their time to take action." -Anri Lockeheart

Thank you so much for your support and I really appreciate it!

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"Run all you can! I'll devour you in no time!" -Chaser demon

Thanks a ton! With this, you'll instantly get 2 short 800-word (give or take) commissions, just whisper me details and I'll work on something so delightful that caters to you!

Celestial Being
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"And you believe it is I, Angel of Salvation, responsible for your inadequacies?" - Teer, 4th Angel of the Celestial Tribunal

Holy crap! You've done it now, and really ,thank you! With this, you'll receive the first iterations of concept art for characters in my series! Thank you! (Concept Art will be made available sometime after story completion.) 




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Hello, I'm Arumat or Aru for short! I'm excited to bring to you intense and thrilling short stories and novels. Here is the synopsis for my WIP "Deceit in the Winter Snow": 

Astraea, a magnificent promised land, filled with the hopes and dreams of many. In the dead of night, a silhouette appears, leaping from roof to roof, in search of a man who is said to have connections with the Netherworld, a realm of terror and the supernatural. Aster Lockeheart continues to chase leads and finds himself nowhere fast. A deadline has been set, and his life is in peril. Will he find the demon negotiator in time, or will his corpse be brought to the land of demons first?

Did I catch your attention yet? If so, feel free to pledge and join me in the endeavors of creating one of the most enticing and memorable tales you'll read yet!

Thank you again for your time,
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I'll host a podcast that I'll broadcast on my Twitch channel! We'll talk about different aspects of how I come up with ideas and how to really breathe life into characters.
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