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About Aruvn

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Alvin. I go by as the singer "Aruvn" and I am a cover artist for anime openings/endings, vocaloid songs, kpop and japanese music etc.

Creating music, singing, performing or anything related to music has been my ultimate passion ever since I was young! I hope my covers can reach out to many other fans out there as these songs have reached out to me!

Why did I set up a patreon?

I set up a patreon because, as much as I love singing for fun, my job as a freelance mixing engineer doesn't really pay much? It's a high risk, so-so reward and as much as I love doing it, it doesn't really pay the bills that much.. I currently don't work a ton and 90% of that money goes to my bills, car, phone etc. 

I want to be able to sing as long as I could and with your support, I will be even more motivated, more inspired.

Where will the money go?

Your generous fundings will go to gear upgrades, bills and well, living. I am also currently building my own mixing & recording studio at home and that requires some funds and labor. 

I hope to keep singing, keep creating content and keep fans happy, I don't believe in giving my passion in music only a part of my time. I want to create music everyday. I hope to make this as a full time career.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you can help me out!
Your generosity and your support is greatly appreciated!

Please remember that you are allowed to cap your monthly max if needed!

56% complete
I will be able to support/commission other artists and animators to create a custom PV for one of my covers per month! You're not only helping me, but you're also helping other amazing people as well!
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