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About Ascendance

Hello, we are Ascendance! We are a team of 4 youngsters, ages 15 to 21, who aim to inspire the awesomeness in everyday people.

In a nutshell, we help everyday youngsters, kids and teenagers achieve holistic success in terms of happiness, health, education and passion; regardless of age, background or any restrictions they may have.

By becoming our patrons, you enable us to:

- do more of our programs for underprivileged students
- conduct our programs at different states in Malaysia without the students/school having to incur the costs
- do more of our programs at children's homes and orphanages  
- conduct our programs at rural areas where they need it the most
- make our programs free for as many youngsters as possible!
- make a lasting impact in these youngsters lives and together, engage the disengaged generation
- provide more opportunities to the youngsters we are working with to test out their creative ideas to solve world problems

We do this through our programs, showing youngsters how their Subconscious minds work, goal- setting, sharing our own experiences and much more. So far we have impacted 1000+ youngsters to not only do well in their education, but to also pursue their passions in various fields from videography, gaming, writing, and many more. We ensure that these youngsters can achieve success in the things they love while they give back to the world at large in whatever way they can - hence, solving world problems through what they do best! In other words, we engage a disengaged generation to do what they love and solve global issues at the same time. We have recently been working with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, bringing our work nationwide, and are soon going global.

THANK YOU for contributing to our Patreon! With your help and support we can reach out to more youngsters around the world and provide a platform for them to learn about themselves while working on the things they are passionate about. By contributing to us you are not only believing in us, but believing in the millions of youngsters out there who want to make a difference through their own passions but do not know how.

You are helping us keep this platform alive; and through your contribution we can together show the world that everyday youngsters can make a difference. Every cent contributed to us goes to ensuring that more youngsters everywhere gain access to this and can start making a difference in their own way. We would not be able to do any of this without your support and we are humbled that you would like to join us on our journey of making a difference. Become our patron below to help us empower youths across the globe.
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Let's throw a party to celebrate! (or well, a cozy get together)

We'll organise a hang out session with YOU at Ascendance HQ, where we can spend time getting to know you better! We'll event invite a few of our participants (students we are working with) and throw in a few more surprises. 
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