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Hello there!


Hello and welcome to my page! 

Here I post w.i.p's, concepts, ideas along with full illustrations and more. You'll find here I love anything and everything fantasy, especially dragons! Currently I am working on several projects that include the Leviathans of Incense and a graphic novel involving both a fox and dragon(unnamed). But I often draw random dragons and creature I find interesting. Here you will get to see what other will not :)

Every month will have a theme. Patrons can suggest themes on here or on the Discord(still working on it). I will then put up a poll to see what everyone is interested in the most. That will become the Patreon exclusive illustration for that month. It will of course come with video and step by steps on the process :D

More is to come as thing get rolling!

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Once 15 subs is met I will hold a private stream/s for just Patrons! Polls will be made to see when most Patrons will be able to view and set a time an day :)

Future goals will add more streams and extras!

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