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You cannot imagine how much I appreciate each and every single one of you sexy Bastards.
We are all the same. Life is sometimes a real pain in the ass and we all just wanna Forget the BS for a while. Lets do that together. Know you are not alone. You are Ashisogi Tennos. You are part of something more. You are loved. We are Legion :) .
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OK so... some of you prolly know my story of unfortunate events. I started a construction business a few years ago and got scammed so hard that it destroyed my life. One day i was a booming success and on the path of fulfilling all my dreams, the next i was faced with 56.000 euros worth of debt and jail time.
Thx to a very generous lawer, my current debt is around 20k. Jail time is still a real threat due to ridiculous german laws. Tho i do make more now than a year ago thx to twitch, i still just BARELY make ends meet at the end of the month. Skipping meals to stretch the budget is not fun. So if iu have a spare buck to help me out, id very much appreciate it to say the least. I promise you im not greedy. All i wish for nowadays is to not quiver with fear of new bills showing up in my mail. Not having to save up for weeks jsut to buy a pair of fekkin shoes. As it currently stands, 500 patrons total would already literally save my quality of life. So if u can help..... i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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