is creating Stuffed animals
Select a membership level
per creation
rewards for giving me $5 dollars

.2 sketches
1 lineart and color (noshading) 
per creation
you will recieve a drawings of your choice 

3 sketches
1 lineart color shading and possibly background
per creation
you will recieve 

3 line art and color/shading no background
1 small plush under 10 inches tall
per creation
this reward you will recive
4 lineart color/shading and background
1 huge plush your choice




per creation

About AshleyFluttershy

Hello My name is Ashley I make stuffed animals from video games, anime you name it I've been making plushies for over 10 years same with drawing and will like to make this patreon for my  supporters I have a Youtube page where I show off my plushies to playing video games on there. 
$0 of $1,000 per creation
will like to use this money for more material for plushies to video games I'll be filming on my youtube channel
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