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Posts for rare tips & amazing facts to speed up the process.  

Each month will have one or two new and exciting benefits. 

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:: Hybrid moves,  Special insider info that shows how all three, The Physical, Spiritual and Emotional, impact your health and weightloss journey.

One month it may be a cool "How To" video on making gym T-shirts, or a compilation of charts, Or a hybrid move video from APF. 

Each month I will pick one or two new and exciting benefits that will be a surprise.




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Hello everyone, Ni Hao, Ohayo, kumusta Kayo, Anyeong Haseyo, Chin Chaou, & Nameste. My name is Sally the CEO of APF short for Asia Pop Fitness. I want to thank you and say a quick word about becoming a patron for APF.
Apf isn’t just some exercise class or new dance fitness program. What I am about to reveal on my you tube and patron accounts is insider information usually reserved for when you become a student. I realized that APF should be available to everyone! I will be releasing tips on food, healthy eating, my take on supplements, and so much more! I might even reveal some top secret hybrid moves that have never been seen before in any fitness program. So for more information on what APF is you can visit my website, Fb page, or youtube to learn more. Thank you again for considering joining us and I look forward to speaking with you again real soon!

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