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About AssadZman Films

Who Am I:
Hi Im Zain! Thank you so much for taking a moment to visit my Patreon page!!!I am an Independent  Filmmaker currently living in California I have multiple screenplay drafts  and concepts that I have been writing for years now,I have Created  my own  indie production"AssadZman Films"Check out all my short films and videos on my YouTube channel!! Currently I Am working on  multiple projects At the moment,with other Artists and filmmakers and could use some support!!All I do is write,shoot,edit,and talk about film or watch movies,its my passion of mine and I Am so thankful to have all the support already from everyone who has been in my life and helped create!Check out all the awesome projects I Create and help out on Instagram ZenTheFilmmaker. also check out my YouTube Channel and leave a comment and like! I Am also creating my first feature,and working on some projects with other filmmakers and Artists,also planning to start putting some of my future projects in the Film Festival Circuit .
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What the Funding Will go Toward's:
So the funding will go towards paying The camera,gear,crafty(food),talent,set-location,prop's,makeup ,E.T.C.!!!!It will also go towards the payment fee for
Film Festivals. It will also pay for gas to meet up and have a production meeting with The talented and amazing Artists/Actor's I work with!With my own Independent Production I usually have zero dollar budget for most of My Film's!
Mini Bio
            When I was 12 years old I wanted to become a filmmaker, I started to self educate my self (I still do with anything related to film or the Art's ), I started out using a small cheap point and shoot camera and I would do stop motion films that I would use my action figures as actors it has taught me a lot about lighting and angles and set design.
           By the time I was 16 I got an HD camera for Christmas that had 720p video recording so I would do small backyard projects in high school that were live action but then one day I was 17 years old,I was fresh out of high school,I decided to get a job at a Pizzeria and save up for 3 years enough to buy some independent production gear,and then when I was 20.I had saved just enough for some pretty independent gear and get myself a canon T3i .
        Now i'm 23 and I have written multiple short screenplays and concepts,I have done more than 31 short films on YouTube (Click hear to Start Watching),(there more like Experimental Short Films )and counting and worked on multiple projects with other artists to help them out with there films or projects any way I could, I have projects already planned I just need to get  financial support for my Independent production company AssadZman Film's and for the projects I help work on.

Here are some of my short screenplay's if you would like to take a read:
Project:Galileo .PDF (Click here to watch)
The Break .PDF
The Drive .PDF
The Couple .PDF
The Short Night .PDF (Click Here To watch)
MAN IN THE MIRROR.PDF (Click Here To Watch)
The Tragedy .PDF

So around April of 2016 I began to write a screenplay,then around May of 2016 I got writer's block and started to concentrate on other project,(Click here for the First 17 Pages of what I Wrote in April 2016) Now I have picked it back up and started to continue to write it,also i have been doing a lot of research and studying human mental health for the film and studying Character development for this film so I do not know how long it will take to complete but I am aiming for a 45 page script (Click here to watch the Pitch for the film) I have some concepts and scenes I am working with to also finalize in the screenplay I have a few set location's in mind already and I have some Actor's also in mind for the film, I want to shoot with a proper Cinema Camera (red,Arri,BlackMagic) , But if I have to I'll Shoot with a (gh4,gh5 ,or even a SLR if I have to), have some Grip and Electric on set for lighting if i can , I am defiantly  going to  enter it into a Film festival 

0% complete
I do not have a budget for  My Films,I am using a zero dollar budget,But if we hit this goal we can help pay people time and talent also to have craft service on set.It will also help when I enter film festivals to pay for the entry fee's.
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